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Molotow Dripstick 3mm

Molotow Dripstick 3mm

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The pocket-sized DRIPSTICK Rollerball (30 ml) is now available in 6 color shades! Equipped with the spring-loaded 3 mm rollerball, this DRIPSTICK works ideal on rough surfaces like concrete, cardboard, stone, wood and metal. Furthermore, the paint application can be controlled easily due to its “squeeze body”. The glossy, alcohol-based ink is permanent, higly opaque, quick-drying and suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Made in Germany.

- Alcohol-based
- Glossy
- Highly opaque
- Permanent
- Quick-drying
- Ideal for rough surfaces (e.g., concrete, cardboard, stone, wood, metal, etc.)
- 6 color shades
- Controllable application with squeeze bottle
- Unscrewable tank cap
- Refillable
- 3 mm Rollerball
- Exchangeable applicator
- Convenient pocket size